remembering i have kefi

It is just a little lost or maybe misplaced or not recognized. Plans are back on for visiting Greece again, with both daughters and whoever wants to join us at any point. Maybe even my husband, understand I love him with all my heart but he is reluctant to travel to Greece. I will remind him when we met he promised to visit with me. That did not happen. London and Paris, yes. I am working on this issue.

I hated the thought of waiting another year, last year I fractured my kneecap, the healing a recovery spanned the summer, no go. This year, timing turned out not to work for anyone. Yes, I was bummed and I also understood, which didn’t make my disappointment go away. My eldest sister passed away recently and I would not have had my last visit with her, that would have made me sadder than missing that trip.

I just wanted to do this trip this year and now, I will be another year older (another bummer) and I will commit myself to keeping in shape. Waiting another year is other part, my cousins will be a part of the plan. Meanwhile, I keep reading books about Greece, novels, accounts of traveling, even a few romance ones. The best part is learning about the culture, rather my culture, my upbringing of Greece born parent who were pretty Americanized (not completely!) this now makes more sense as bizarre as some of it was. My Greek language is expanding, somewhat. Will I completely understand someone by next year, probably not. Well maybe if someone is admonishing a child under the age of 10.

So I started with remembering when looking through a page I made of random photos for my daughters. I had a lot of Kefi,we barbecued a lot, we ate outside, a lot, we were on the beach, a lot, we sailed our boat, a lot. That is Kefi and I never had to find something I have always had! Sometimes it just gets lost in my head. s